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the whole-y grail

the whole-y grail

Official blog of the warden ettinger group, a full-service, Phila., PA-based PR firm serving a diverse consumer, lifestyle + nonprofit clientele. Our culinary division, The Whole Enchilada PR, caters to restaurateurs, chefs + other food-related businesses, while "the word exchange" is aimed at clients seeking à la carte copywriting services.

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pass the breadbasket

September 30, 2012 , , , , , , , , , , ,

→October 24 is Food Day, officially billed as “a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.” For a city such as Philadelphia, where there is a glaring juxtaposition of culinary haves and have nots, and what could, by some, be considered an excess of food-related news, tweets, posts, boasts; extravagant meals and ingredient purchases, and general overindulging, this is an effort worth paying attention to. A sentiment shared by two renown Philadelphia organizations, Les Dames d’Escoffier Philadelphia and Slow Food Philadelphia, who will be putting on a terrific event at World Cafe Live this weekend called Breadbasket (10/7, 11AM-3:30PM). Philly icons Aliza Green and Rick Nichols will be participating, Nichols as the keynote speaker, as well as Liz Pacheco, Associate Editor of Grid Magazine, and Ryan Kuck, one of the city’s leading urban farmers. Along with an engaging panel discussion, there will be a crazy good (healthy and locally grown) lunch buffet prepared by several Philly Dames, including The Whole Enchilada PR‘s longtime client, Moon Krapugthong. Alas, one of us will be in Sonoma at a family wedding—appropriate for its strong culinary history—but we encourage all of our food- and society-minded peers to attend. For more details click here. And good luck to all involved. It is an ambitious collaboration that is sure to leave an impression. And, to start a way of interest and positive action for Food Day here and across the country.


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