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this just in… security breach (ticker tape part 1)

November 16, 2012 , , , , , ,

→Normally, we’d use this space for a look at what’s happening in our ‘hood and quite possibly, yours, but after coming across this post on our LinkedIn news feed, we couldn’t resist breaching our own protocol a bit to see how others feel about the TSA scanners. Let’s step back first…

Let’s face it, the thought of hopping on an airplane–no matter how exotic your destination—is not as exciting as it once was. I write this having been privy to bi-coastal rides on 747s as a kid (only because of divorced parents, not luxury; at the time BIG jets were the norm), and toured the cockpit with my older brother numerous times to get my “wings” pin and gawk at all the electronics. Back then, planes were cool. Airports maybe not so much, but the overall experience was awesome.

Fast forward to 9/11, truly one of America’s saddest days, and beyond, a time when safety, not comfort, is a national priority. (This, in general, being a good thing; bare feet notwithstanding.) We are all for “safety first,” and for falling in line to make the security experience smooth-running for everyone standing behind us. However, those full-body scanners freak us out.

So you can imagine our heightened intrigue at finding the above post, and now this one, detailing the relaunching of 2010’s opt out initiative, perfectly timed with the busiest travel week of the year.

It’s tempting to exercise our First Amendment rights next week, but our travel companions probably won’t agree. As for the claims of inappropriate pat-downs for those who do opt out, our ears are perked up. That would be even more unsettling. At any rate, we encourage you to chime in, for or against. It’s certainly an interesting debate topic.

And for the record, we are in support of American safety, technology, those who risk their lives to protect us, and the numerous freedoms we enjoy. We’re just uncomfortable with the amount of money being spent that might do more good elsewhere. (—DEW)


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