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you scored the press interview… now what?

December 5, 2012

→You just got off the phone with a local reporter who’s requested an interview regarding your business/service. You’re barely through the first round of your victory cheer,  when panic hits. What will I be asked? How should I respond? What can I do to make sure I don’t blow it?

We’re glad you asked. Thanks Ben Silverman for helping us narrow down our list of tips…

1. Prepare: 
Are you able to speak intelligently about the general subject or current trends related to your product/service? While we’d like the story to JUST be about you, chances are that’s not going to happen. Some Googling will do you good.

2. Be conversational: 
Unless you already know the interview questions, it’s virtually pointless to force yourself to memorize specific phrases about your product/service (not to mention the fact that it will be distracting to keep thinking about how to fit them into the conversation). You know your product/service inside and out. You’ve got this.

3. Listen: 
Sometimes when we “listen,” we hear about 75% of what someone’s saying and the other 25% our brains are vacationing in Lala Land. But real listening means being fully engaged. Make sure you hear and process each question fully so that you can answer intelligently and accurately.

4. Focus: 
More often than not, an interviewer’s time is limited. If you feel yourself straying from the topic at hand, cut yourself off. Just like that.

5. KISS (no, we don’t mean their a$%)
Keep [your responses] It Simple Stupid. No matter how complicated your subject matter is, present your answers in a way that the average person will understand. The reporter (who will have to do this anyway) will thank you.


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