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locally-penned culinary tomes for giving (and getting)

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If you’re into food and drink, you’re probably also into DIY. And, so are your foodie friends. So with that in mind, we’ve got some suggestions for your—and their—book shelves. This week, we’re staying local (exempting one book), but next week we’ll add in other authors/books that people are buzzing about for all you last-minute shoppers. As always, we welcome your input, which in this case also means your titles.

And now, in no particular order, some of our favorites, old and new…

Generally speaking, there isn’t anything Aliza Green writes about that doesn’t tantalize our taste buds, but she’d probably enjoy us pumping up her latest cookbook, Making Artisan Pasta (with photos by one of our favorite local food photographers, Steve Legato). If you’re into spending quality time in the kitchen with friends and family, this title will give you plenty of excuses. 

Endangered Recipes: Too Good to be Forgotten, by Lari Robling is a fun (and tasty) look at “vintage recipes from another era.”

Andrew Schloss’ Fire It Up: 400 Recipes for Grilling Everything is just one of several books of his that we’ve handed out in recent years. Mastering the Grill is also well-worth the money if you’re going all out with a grilling theme.

Recent buzz put this book by Dina Bucholz on our radar, and Turkish taffy on our minds:
The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook: From Turkish Delight to Gooseberry Fool – Over 150 Recipes Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia

I have very fond memories of my grade school teacher bringing me Turkish taffy to heighten my reading experience, so when I read Daily News columnist, Molly Eichel‘s, review, this reflection struck a chord:

Each time I open the pages of my well-worn copy, I yearn for Turkish Delight, the candy the evil White Queen uses to bribe Edmund into giving up his siblings. If family safety is on the line, Turkish Delight has to be pretty freakin’ delicious, right?

For non-carnivores, Almost Meatless by former Philly Mag food critic Joy Manning and Tara Mataraza Dezmond will have you hashtagging #meatlessmonday well into the new year.

Philadelphia Chef’s Table is from another Philadelphia magazine alum, former food editor April White. How can any Philly foodie resist a book dubbed, “50 recipes straight from primo Philly dining tables?”

For Vetri (and Osteria) fans who missed this last holiday season, Marc Vetri‘s Rustic Italian Food will have you (and your guests) drooling.

Shake, Stir, Pour-Fresh Homegrown Cocktails by local garden-to-bar mixologist, Katie Loeb is at the top of  my wish list and is sure to be on yours too once you take a peek.

And just because we—and everyone else in Philly—have a thing for food trucks, we’ve included The Truck Food Cookbook  by John T. Edge, famed food-culture chronicler for the New York Times, Saveur and other outlets.

We hope you’ll come back next week for another helping. —dew


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