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grEAT dames + grEAT foodie websites — the Philly edition

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→For those of you unfamiliar with Les Dames d’Escoffier International, this accomplished and diverse group of women touts a long list of famous, almost famous and should be famous women as members (Julia Child included). However, these Dames aren’t in it for the fame, they’re in it for the food.  And, for the friends—within the membership, in their industries and within the community.

Locally, in Philadelphia, LDEI has an impressive list of members, some you’ve heard of, such as Aliza Green, Kathy Gold, Susanna Foo, Lari Robling, Moon Krapugthong, Lynn Buono, Hilary Bor, Linda Geren, Kelly Morrison, Judy Spielman—chefs, restauratuers, authors, culinary entrepreneurs, educators, kitchen designers, farmers, anti-hunger activists… If it has to do with food (or fine wine & spirits), they’re representin’.

Fast forward to May 4th, when this fully female-loaded organization will host Cuisine, Culture & Community, a day-long symposium celebration of women and food. We’ve got a list of reasons to stay tuned for ticket sales (including a change to hobnob with Nathalie Dupree), but you have to come back next week when we’ll post a few related links and also dish on another very special (read: hot) guest. The event will take place at The Restaurant School, and is open to the public, which of course, is why we’re putting out our teaser. Don’t worry; your plate will be piled high with tweets, posts, clips, et al, including a link to Eventbrite where you can purchase tickets.

Another event that you should have on your radar, and also founded by two of the above-mentioned Dames, Judy Spielman and Moon Krapugthong, is EATS (Eat Along the Street), on April 23rd. You can see what’s cooking by visiting the recently launched Facebook event page, and follow along @TWEgroup and @EATSPhilly as we are getting ready to reveal some of our participating chefs and this year’s nonprofit partner, Children’s Village. Again, we hope you’ll come back for additional scoop.

→In more immediate news, we want to give a shout-out to a few of our favorite food-centric websites here in Philly. Not only do we appreciate the hip writing style (there’s a hint of Esquire mag snarkiness), the coverage is darn good and runs deep. If you’re looking where to go and where not to go, Eater Philly, City Eats, and Epikur will have you sounding like the Siskel and Ebert of Philadelphia dining.

Trust us, once you click these links, you’ll add another hour of Internet time to your day. With all the juicy bits you’re going to get from reviews, chef interviews, recipes and wine/cocktail/beer recommendations, you’ll probably add a few inches to your waistline as well.


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