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passover eats: please pass(over) some more

March 22, 2013

Passover begins Monday, and after delving into this delicious collection of recipes, we thought you might welcome a spoonful of dining news. For the “let’s go out” crowd, has a nice looking menu planned for both Tuesday the 26th, and Wednesday the 27th.  Here’s what the kitchen is working on:

  • 1st: foie gras filled matzo ball soup
  • 2nd: halibut gefilte fish, potato latke, pickled vegetables
  • mez: Manischewitz sorbet
  • 3rd: braised veal shoulder, Jerusalem artichokes, glazed beets
  • 4th: white chocolate kugal, sesame praline ice cream, and dark chocolate-dipped matzo

Of course, once we got our senses all aflutter over a Thanksgiving redux, or as Huff Post puts it, “springtime Thanksgiving,”  we grew curious about what other restaurants in town decided not to pass over the opportunity to dazzle our taste buds.

After some searching, we found this Uwishunu Passover Roundup. We were most intrigued by La Calaca Feliz and Cantina Feliz’s Passover dinner, available from March 25 to April 1, which fuses Mexican flavors into traditional Passover fare. Highlights of the four-course meal include a red chile and matzo ball soup served with avocado and chicken (this spin on tortilla soup is a clever rendition of the classic ball in broth) and a “brisket” taco. And, since we’re suckers for Zahav, Chef Solomonov’s six-course Passover feast (available Monday, March 25 through Tuesday, April 2) also got our attention. Salt cod cakes, a whole grilled chicken and chocolate almond tart? Sign us up; Passover or not. (Complete menu here.)

Don’t want to dine out, but cooking is off the table? Now might be a good time to try Bacchus Market’s catering goods. From carrot dill soup, charoset, and gefilte fish to roasted filet of beef with horseradish sauce, green beans almandine and potato latkes, you can’t go wrong. And, they can even hook you up with all the fixin’s for a proper Seder plate.

Also on our radar: Philadelphia Queer Passover Seder 2013

Forget the four questions…WE only have one: What are YOU doing for Passover this year (assuming you celebrate)?



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