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Instagram video is diVine

July 11, 2013 , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Before bed last night, I read that Instagram videos are now embeddable. This morning, I decided it was time to create my first one. I opened the fridge to grab a yogurt and saw all the ingredients for a Caesar salad, so I put “food video” on my to-do list.

When lunchtime rolled around I began to prep for the video (and wished I’d chosen a granola bar for breakfast since my Caesar dressing is yogurt-based; whoops). As I started to make the dressing—and shoot each step—I immediately was able to see how this app differs from Vine: videos are 15 seconds instead of 6, filters are available (different than the ones offered for photos), and so is video stabilization. I was especially happy about the stabilization feature, because with Vine, I’ve always had to hold my breath while filming to avoid shaking. The differentiating factor that I like the most, however, is the option to delete the last clip. In fact, I always wondered why Vine didn’t allow users to do so.

When I tried to embed the video below, it didn’t show up. Turns out many blogging platforms, including WordPress, don’t support iFrame code. Go figure. But if you click the image below, you’ll be able to view the video on

@twegroup #caesar #salad #instavideo test… 🍋🍴👌

A post shared by Kim Ettinger (@kimettinger23) on

While the original video-sharing app does still have many loyal followers, it seems most critics are predicting that Twitter’s Vine will slip with the growing popularity of Instagram’s video. And some people feel pretty strongly about it, including the author of this BGR article, “Instagram is now completely crushing Vine”.

I don’t know if I’d agree with the word “crushing” just yet, but I do have to say that after my first Instagram video experience, Vine doesn’t seem as divine as it did just yesterday. Which platform do you prefer?



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