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hoppy Friday

October 18, 2013

One thing the Enchiladas have in common (but not nearly enough time to explore) is a love for tasty brews. So, when Gary Monterosso posts updates on social media about new sud-related products, local events, etc., we’re all beers, er, ears.

You may recognize Gary’s name because not only is he an award-winning writer, he also appears regularly on the History Channel Special, “The Epic History of Everyday Things,” PHL 17’s “Eye Opener Philly,” and has been a guest on many other TV shows and radio programs throughout the country. (You can learn more about Gary—and well, beer—here.)

About a week ago, Gary posted about a Pumpkin Ale craft beer ice cream. Besides the fact that this sounds absolutely divine (can you imagine how delicious 2 scoops would be on top of a piping-hot apple-cranberry crisp?), since writing this post about Pizza Beer, I’ve been on the lookout for something to cleanse my proverbial palate. Just reading about this new (3.2% ABV) flavor by Frozen Pint did the trick.


Feeling the beer theme, I decided to click one more of Gary’s recent posts that I’d saved about America’s best beer festivals. According to this Yahoo article, now more than 2,000 major beer events take place annually in the U.S.—many of which are this month (thanks for the inspiration, Oktoberfest!). Beer events on tap: Austin Beer Week (10/25-11/3); San Diego Beer Week (11/1-11/10).

Curious about what’s going on locally, I caught up with Gary today, who just so happened to be en route to the Philly Food & Wine Festival, where he’s hosting eight tasting seminars.

Says Gary, “This time of year, there are several fine events, but one that excites me most is the Valley Forge Beer Festival which will take place in about six weeks. The promoter is Starfish Junction, and I love their events because they offer food, a wide array of beverages and educational seminars.”

Looking for smaller events on a regular basis? The schedule on Philly Beer Week’s website is always loaded. And if you’re thirsty to start putting down pints ASAP, Bloktoberfest, the four-block, eight-hour blockbuster street festival is tomorrow on South Street. (Talk about good timing.)

Now, I know the main question you all want to know… “What is Gary drinking most these days?” Lucky for you, I asked.

Turns out Gary owns close to 200 different beers and has a cellar with bottles dating back to 1983. That said, he’s currently enjoying brews from Prism, Unibroue, Dupont, Boston Beer and Weyerbracher (to name a few).

What’s your go-to beer this fall?



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