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resolve to recharge—social media-style

December 19, 2013

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→ Time flies when you’re having fun… especially fun online. Which, thanks to late October’s Community Manager Recharge aka CMRecharge, we’ve had more than we thought possible.

The two-day think-tank took place at WXPN’s Philly digs, and featured all kinds of worthwhile offerings from free notepads (new and vintage), stylus-pens, vintage buttons (@eatDEWwrite’s is proudly displayed above) and table decor; organic cookies, healthy local breakfast and lunch fare, giveaways and lots of business cards to keep the conversation going. Of course, what really made the event, was the well-rounded (and incredibly approachable, willing to help) lineup of speakers and agenda.

Not only did we pick up some rock-solid tips for increasing engagement and getting creative with messaging, we widened our circle of digitally-charged social media smartypants and came home with a copy of organizer, Ben Blakesley’s, Get Social: A Practical Guide to Using Social Media for Business. Now to find time to read it… 

A few extra-special moments to remember, included an engaging dialogue with Philadelphia Phillies’ Director of Marketing, Mike Harris (by the way, @mhgophils, you owe @eatDEWwrite a call about that offline vs. online experience…) who shared some of the in-house team’s creative engagement tactics; an everything you need to know about using Google Plus, including the difference between this under-utilized platform and its more popular counterparts.

This video by presenter Lynette Young (the ultimate Google Plus bada$$) is not from CMRecharge but since we were too captivated to stay on top of our note-taking, it’s a far better recanting of the Google Plus essentials than we’d be delivering otherwise. (Let’s face it, @lynetteradio is far more interesting to listen to than we are.)

If you like what you just saw, then you’ll appreciate this downloadable tip sheet, Seven Google+ Secrets to Grow Your Audience, available here. (Thank you, NMX 12 Days of Giveaways.)

There was so much great information packed into the event, that coming up with a list of key takeaways from pages upon pages of notes was no easy task. That said, the below tips, quotes and general rules of (SM) thumb compiled by @kimettinger should help YOU think of a few ways to bring new energy to YOUR—and your clients’—social campaigns in 2014. Just in case you missed the memo, social media is here to stay. And, getting better every day.

  • Before you begin a project or a campaign, think about what you want it to look like when it’s done. What do you want the final product/overall impact to be? More often than not, it’s best to work backwards from there… (Jeremiah Dew)
  • “Create something today that gives you an edge for tomorrow.” —Jeremiah Dew
  •  On Twitter, always be on the lookout for hashtags that are already popular and would interact well with your brand (i.e., Nyquil saw tons of people posting with the hashtag, #whycantisleepatnight and capitalized on it). Also, make sure to check out what’s trending every day for the same reason. (Annette Hernandez)
  •  “Flock to Unlock” promotions work well on Twitter
  • Nothing matters more than timeliness and empathy, and we become happier as we are grateful. Always remember it’s ok (and good) to say “I’m sorry,” and “thank you” goes a long way. (Dave Kerpen)
  • Remember, “Marketing started the game, but customer service will win it for the brand.”
  • Integration is extremely important (train employees in a company to get them more comfortable with social media, refresh the current program, drive participation by giving info to share and rewarding efforts, redefine roles, etc.) (Turner Roach)
  • SIMPLICITY generates positive results. (Michael Harris)

And, always keep in mind that sometimes the best way to be on top of your game, is to lay low for a day or two. Good things happen when you take the time to reflect, strategize and recharge.


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