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the whole-y grail

Official blog of the warden ettinger group, a full-service, Phila., PA-based PR firm serving a diverse consumer, lifestyle + nonprofit clientele. Our culinary division, The Whole Enchilada PR, caters to restaurateurs, chefs + other food-related businesses, while "the word exchange" is aimed at clients seeking à la carte copywriting services.

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“intern”al ponderings

January 17, 2014 , , , , , , ,

→We are so thrilled to introduce Emily Spring, a senior at Temple University—and our extra set of hands (and eyes) from now until about mid-May. Her distinct writing styles is just one of the many skills we are excited to share with our clients and circles. She’ll be posting here each week, giving her perspective as an intern learning the how-tos of (and how to survive in) the big bad world of media relations, communications and social media. She’ll also be helping us gain consistency throughout the whole-y grail blog, and give us a little more room to breathe during the workday. 

“Having it all is easy, if you’re willing to work for it.” – This dazzling one-liner from Bravo’s Real Housewives dynasty was the brilliant battle cry of Adrienne Maloof (Beverly Hills, season two, duh).

As a Bravo aficionada, I totally get where she was coming from – she runs one of the biggest hotel chains while taking care of her kids and prancing around in six-inch Louboutins. However, as an educated (Go Owls!) and socially aware young woman, the flippancy of her assertion that her lifestyle was a breeze to secure irks me.

Contrary to Maloof’s decisiveness, I believe that a filigree-delicate design of imagination, circumstance, hunger, and of course hard work lead to success. And there is no certainty that my success will be “easy” as a soon-to-be college graduate entering a daunting job market.

For example, it was situational providence – and some excruciatingly polite emails – that introduced me to my internship here at the warden ettinger group. I am beyond delighted to have a chance at siphoning some of the dynamic energy of TWE into my personal internship experience. Come May, when both my internship and college career will culminate, I hope to have achieved a higher level of finesse in writing, to have been exposed to the cogs and grease of client service, and to elevate my creativity beyond opening an introduction blog with a reality television reference.

If I can morph my sociology major into an apt conduit for market research and client service, I will have succeeded. If I can rattle some fresh writing out of my English minor, I will have succeeded. If I can surprise TWE with some brilliant and unprovoked PR magic – well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If I can prove that I am not the stereotypically bumbling millennial, that I can contribute meaningfully to the inventive work done at TWE, and that my appetite for accomplishment trumps my admittedly concise resume, I will have succeeded. Take that, Maloof!



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Can’t wait to read your next post Emily!


January 20, 2014

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