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edibowl ideas + more for Sunday

January 29, 2014 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

→While our beloved boys in green will not be gracing MetLife Stadium with their soulful emerald eyes (looking at you, Foles), the good news is you can still show your Philly fandom during Super Bowl XLVIII by indulging in some local fare and festivities.

Since Super Bowls and sauce-soaked meat go together like Beyoncé and halftime blackouts, here’s a tip: Place an order at Northern Liberties’ Fette Sau by Friday (1/31)  and you can bet on those “what are your plans for the game” texts shooting in as word gets around that you’re the house with the drool-inducing Berkshire pulled pork, Duroc St. Louis ribs, and bacon brownies. Suburbanites, fear not; you’ve got some great takeout and catering options here. Oh, and Facebook tells us you can get any type of Super Bowl food you desire—from trays of lobster mac ‘n’ cheese to assorted sandwiches and wings—from two of Conchy locals’ favorite grub spots, Stella Blue and Gypsy Cafe. Just give one of the restaurants a call.

Can’t wait until kickoff to sate your carnivorous cravings? Black Powder Tavern, the revolutionary landmark in Wayne, will serve up scrumptious brunch fare with bonus game day treats such as ribs, hot dogs, BBQ pork sandwiches, corn fritters, popcorn shrimp and wings from 10:30AM-2PM. Wash that deliciousness down with a complimentary PBR, mimosa, or Bloody Mary, then head back into the city proper for some culture before the carnage.

The Philadelphia Art Museum has pulled out all the stops for the Arms & Armor Family Celebration, paralleling the contemporary armor worn by football players to their medieval knightly counterparts. Stick around for a fencing demonstration and face time with nature’s own armored warrior, the mighty armadillo. The best part? The museum’s generous pay-what-you-wish program means you won’t break the bank.

Bring those extra bucks over to the Bella Vista Beer Distributor for the biggest decision you’ll make on game day: Will you plant yourself in coffee-mecca Seattle’s camp, shouldering a case of Dark Horse Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock? Or will you get your hippie on with Colorado’s own Boulder Breweries’ Hazed and Infused Dry Hopped Ale?

Regardless of where you are at 6:30PM this Sunday, we advise that you plant yourself next to the buffalo chicken dip and enjoy some prime commercial genius – I’m praying for a sequel to Budweiser’s Clydesdale heart warmer. And I guess I’ll watch some football, too.



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